Sydney Informatics Hub

The Sydney Informatics Hub (SIH) is a core research facility of the University of Sydney, providing services surrounding data and computation within the University. It delivers policies, systems, advice, engineering and training to our researchers and their external collaborators.

Researchers can access SIH’s services through filling out an assistance form, attending training workshops or contacting

Get Assistance with Your Research

Sydney Informatics Hub services comprise:

See projects for examples of past and current work.

For access to our team, please complete and submit this assistance form.

Core Research Facilities User Access Scheme

Researchers at the University of Sydney may additionaly apply for dedicated resources from the Sydney Informatics Hub through the CRF User Access Scheme

Get Training in Research Computing

We hold training courses for University of Sydney Staff and HDR Students, ranging from courses introducing Artemis and High Performance Computing, RedCAP, beginner Python, R and Matlab courses, Regular Expressions, Open Refine, Git, Unix and Excel. Sign up for the next available session.

We’re open to new ideas for training courses. If there is something you feel we are missing, please email.

Acknowledging SIH

Acknowledgements (and co-authorship, where appropriate) are an important way for us to demonstrate the value we bring to your research. Your research outcomes are a vital part of the business case for ongoing funding of the Sydney Informatics Hub.

Here is a sample of correct acknowledgement:

“This research was supported by Sydney Informatics Hub, funded by the University of Sydney.”

We’d also appreciate project web sites linking to this page to help researchers (and search engines!) find us.

We work closely with the University of Sydney’s Centre for Translational Data Science.

For more research support visit the University of Sydney’s Library.

Take a look at our Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter @Sydney_CRF accounts.