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Sydney Informatics Hub training at Camden Campus

Sydney Informatics Hub training at Camden Campus

Did you know that Sydney University has Satellite Campuses all over Australia? Did you know that Sydney Informatics Hub visits these campuses to delivery training, conduct workshops, build collaborations, and provide other services. On the 15th of August, we will be visiting the Camden Campus, where we will be providing a bonanza of informatics tailored to Vet Science and Agriculture students and researchers.

We will be providing the training of Introduction to Artemis High Performance Computing, DNA sequencing using HPC, statistics using R, and to round it all off, our own Hacky Hour.

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If you would like a tailored training course delivered to your research group contact us at sih.info@sydney.edu.au

Join us live through Adobe Connect

Join the workshops online through Adobe Connect!

More info about the Intro to Artemis course:

Learn about the University of Sydney’s HPC ‘Artemis’, including directory structure, software, and how to submit and monitor compute jobs using the PBS Pro scheduling software in a unix environment. (Course info).

More information about the DNA sequencing:

The DNA sequence analysis on Artemis course aims to introduce users to running a common bioinformatics workflow on a high-performance computing cluster. Users will be introduced to the concepts of quality checking and control, reference mapping and variant calling using PBS scripts. We will familiarise users with standard file types used in genomics and we will discuss some of the considerations that should be taken when customising pipelines to their specific analyses.

Access the course materials here.

More information about the R workshop:

will focus on the practical aspects of using R to analyse data. Some of the topics that will be covered are: Data Cleaning and Wrangling, Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), Charting, Common Analyses, Linear Models, ANOVA, Regression, Mixed Effects Modelling, and Repeated measures. Feel free to bring your own data since if we have time we will open it up into an informal workshop.

More about our Hacky Hours.