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Joanna Aldridge leads in analytics

Joanna Aldridge leads in analytics

The Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia IAPA determined Dr Joanna Aldridge from the Sydney Informatics Hub as one of the top 25 analytics leaders in the country. Judged by a panel of leading analytics and business leaders, Joanna was recognised for her excellence in four key areas: strategy and impact; influence and advocacy; innovation and improvement; and team growth and leadership.

The analytics leaders in the top 25 were announced at a cocktail event and can be seen on the IAPA website. The 2019 top 25 leaders in analytics come from a variety of industries including telecommunications, finance, science, education, software, and government. This ensemble of backgrounds highlights the diverse importance of analytics across all domains.

As IAPA states, “Analytics leaders not only ensure the analytics team deliver value to the business, they champion analytics and insight-driven decision making with senior executives and also mentor junior talent to empower career progression. They are the linchpin to the successful delivery of business value from analytics. It’s time they were recognised to their leading-edge role.”

At SIH, Joanna develops the careers and skills of the team through a combination of innovative and traditional management styles. She runs regular cross-skilling series, providing opportunities for staff to teach their specialist technical skills in the format of lectures, round-tables or hands-on coding, aiming to achieve depth in each team member’s skill set. She also has initiated a series of industry-university knowledge sharing events, aiming at giving the team the opportunity to showcase SIH work to industry and to learn about the types of problems, skills applied and ways of working in industry settings.

“Beyond organised initiatives, I encourage my team to fulfil their potential by fashioning a ‘gig experience’ in the workplace, where we resource staff on to short projects that they are empowered to project manage. This transformation of our service delivery model gives staff a wide exposure to a variety of different problems and contexts, challenging them to upskill rapidly in new analytical methods and tools.”

Joanna Aldridge

Joanna Aldridge is the Research Informatics Manager (Data Science Services Lead) at the Sydney Informatics Hub. She is an applied mathematician and coastal geomorphologist with 15-years experience across a range of industries including metocean engineering, disaster management, academia, and insurance. She has experience in project management and team leadership, and delivering clients tailored solutions in a timely manner and to budget.

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