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The Hackiest of Hours!

The Hackiest of Hours!

Another month and another great hacky hour.

Hackers came from all over campus to the Sydney Nanonscience Hub, hosted by Physics, to discuss all things code, data, and hacking. Some overheard conversations included, “What is the best way to manage, interrogate, visualise and interpet a dataset of land tenure being bought and sold in Australia.” And a very tricky one for n00bs and the 1337 alike, “I have 13TB of data that I need to interactively process with Python”. With enough great minds in the room, adding up to decades of experience, most people can get their problems solved (or at least pointed in the right direction!)

This was the 5th Sydney Hacky Hour and it continues to remain popular with students and emeriti as it moves around all USYD campuses. For more information check out https://informatics.sydney.edu.au/hackyhour/ or get in touch with sih.info@sydney.edu.au to organise your own Hacky Hour.

You can join in at the next Hacky Hour on Wednesday 20th June 2018 from 3-4pm at ThinkSpace (Upstairs from the SciTech Library Level 2 - Jane Foss Russell Building G02).