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HPC Publication Incentive Quarter 3 Prize Winners

HPC Publication Incentive Quarter 3 Prize Winners

Thank you to all the applicants of the quarter 3 Sydney Informatics Hub HPC Publication Incentive.

Congratulations to the 3 winning papers:

  1. Joshua Christie and Madeleine Beekman. Uniparental inheritance promotes adaptive evolution in cytoplasmic genomes

  2. Emily Remnant, Mang Shic, Gabriele Buchmanna, Tjeerd Blacquièree, Edward C. Holmesb, Madeleine Beekmana, and Alyson Ashed. A Diverse Range of Novel RNA Viruses in Geographically Distinct Honey Bee Populations

  3. Camila Balbontin, David A. Hensher, and Andrew T. Collins. Is there a systematic relationship between random parameters and process heuristics?

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