eNotebooks Advanced Features

The eNotebook has a variety of advanced features which can aid in your research process. These include:

  1. Sharing of your eNotebook: at any level you choose, with any chosen collaborator (more)
  2. The ability to create internal linking to important documents or reference points in your data
  3. The ability to track the progress of your research with complete revision histories
  4. The ability to find hard to locate information with the search function

There are also a series of applications or plugins that can help the eNotebook integrate with your existing workflow. These include:

  1. Microsoft Office Plugin to directly save or open common document formats from your eNotebook (more)
  2. GraphPad Prism Plugin to save or open your Prism data analysis to/from your eNotebook (more)
  3. Folder Monitor to automatically detect and upload chosen files from your harddrive to your eNotebook (more)
  4. LabArchives Mobile App to access your eNotebook from your phone or tablet (more)
  5. USYD RDS Link to link the contextual information in your eNotebook to the files that are located in the Research Data Store (more)

Please contact enotebook.support@sydney.edu.au to schedule a guided workshop on any of these features.