eNotebook Offboarding Processes

When a researcher moves on from a research group, effective handover and/or retention of their research output is necessary for the continuity of the research. In many cases, either the researcher, the remaining research group or both parties might not retain a full copy of the research output.

This can be due to impracticalities of making multiple copies of the data, or the collation of data into a multitude of locations (shared research computers, USBs, paper notebooks, CDs etc.) that may be overlooked in the handover process. Research relationship breakdowns may add further complications to this process.

The eNotebook provides a platform to collate all information associated with the research into one location, as well as functionality to generate a complete copy of the entire notebook and attached research data. This means that it is possible for all research parties involved to retain a full record of the research output.

Ownership of eNotebooks

Access to the University of Sydney eNotebooks and their contents is controlled by the Owner (an account role) of the notebook, who must have an active UniKey. The Owner controls access to their eNotebook by assigning other users (both from the University of Sydney or external) different access privileges (Administrator, User or Guest). When researchers and research students leave the University, their University of Sydney account will retain ownership of their eNotebooks. Ownership of Intellectual Property by former employees/students, if applicable, is unchanged, see University of Sydney Intellectual Property Policy 2016. When employees/students leave the University, their UniKey will be deactivated and they will no longer be able to access to their eNotebooks.

In order for researchers to maintain access to their research data, please see the following guidelines.

Offboarding Guidelines

The departing Owner of eNotebook should transfer ownership to their Chief Investigator/head of their research group. In the case where the Chief Investigator is departing, ownership should be transferred to their Head of School. Before their unikey is deactivated, the departing staff member/research student can make a offline HTML copy of their eNotebook for their own future reference Please note: only the “Create Offline Notebook” option will retain a complete record of the data (including attachments). The “Notebook to PDF” option is a visual record which has downloadable links to each of the attachments in the eNotebook - only users with continued access to the eNotebook account will be able to download those links/attachments. When departee’s UniKey is made inactive, the new Owner can opt to Share the eNotebook with the departee, who can access the eNotebook through an external account.

In cases of unplanned departures, the Head of a local administrative unit i.e. Head of School, can apply to ICT/eNotebook support to change ownership to that of the nominated Chief Investigator (defined on departee’s RDMP or other research plan). If more appropriate, ownership can be transferred to the Head of School.