Research Data Platforms: Security Guide

This guidance categorises the systems according to the level of data classification that is appropriate to be stored. Most systems require you to use file encryption when working with Highly Confidential data. Software such as Cryptomator can be used to encrypt your files on data stores. Multi-Factor Authentication is strongly recommended, especially when handling Highly Confidential Data.

Unrestricted Confidential Highly Confidential
Artemis (HPC)
Dropbox (University enterprise licence)#
eNotebook * * *
Filemaker (ICT hosted)*
GitHub (University enterprise licence)
Office365 OneDrive
Portable device (laptop, removable media)
Research Data Store (RDS)
REDCap (survey)
Unsupported platforms: GoogleDrive, SurveyMonkey

* As long as there is no need to delete the data after a specified period
Yes, when encrypted

#Dropbox cannot be used to store identifiable health information
*When using Filemaker to store Confidential or Highly Confidential, you can request an encrypted version from ICT.