The Sydney Informatics Hub is a Core Research Facility of the University of Sydney. SIH provides support, training, and advice on research data, analyses and computing for research staff, students and affiliates of the University. We also advocate for research computing infrastructure, digital tools and data governance.

Data Analytics Expertise

SIH have a large team of dedicated research engineers who provide expertise and support in data analytics and data science. We also provide opportunities to collaborate with leading experts in machine learning and statistics. Learn more about our data analytics services here.

Research Computing Services

SIH provides support and training for the University’s research computing services: Artemis, High Performance Computing (HPC) and Argus, Virtual Research Desktop. These services that promote high-quality research as part of our investment in improving research infrastructure. Learn more about our research computing services here.

Research Data Management

SIH provides expertise, training and support on effective management of research data. We manage and support a suite of different digital collaborative tools (eNotebook, REDCap, Dropbox, Research Data Store, Office 365, GitHub and Cloudstor) to aid with managing your research data. We also support the University’s Research Data Storage (RDS) facility and teh dashR, Research Dashboard for managing your research projects. Learn more about services supporting research data management and digital collaborative tools here.


SIH has a team of bioinformaticians specialising in bioinformatics, omics and systems biology. We provide a wide range of support and services in bioinformatics. This includes:

  • Advice and guidance for bioinformatics analysis
  • Training in bioinformatics and in the use of specialist software on Artemis, HPC and on the Genomics Virtual Lab.
  • Managing commercial bioinformatics software such as CLC Genomics Workbench and Qiagen Ingenuity Pathways Analysis.
  • Provision of a suite of bioinformatics pipelines customised for processing on Artemis, HPC.

Learn more about our bioinformatics services here.

Statistical Consulting

The university statistical service provides statistical advice to:

  • Higher Degree by Research students
  • Academics and other researchers in the University
  • Outside clients

Advice will mostly be on a one-to-one basis rather than some form of teaching. The Service is not able to help with Honours projects or coursework. Learn more about the statistical consulting service here.

Training Courses

We run training courses for University of Sydney staff and HDR students including: data capture and data management, programming in R/Matlab/Python, visualisation, GPU computing and deep learning, bioinformatics, statistics, experimental and analytical design. Learn about the courses offered and view the training schedule here.

Hacky Hour

Hacky Hour is a monthly meetup bringing together a community of data enthusiasts where we exchange knowledge, seek advice, and meet like-minded people. We provide mentors from SIH and departments from across the University. Learn more about Hacky Hour here.

Funding Opportunities

Core Research Facilities User Access Scheme

Researchers at the University of Sydney may apply for funding from a pool of $50,000 for dedicated services that can be provided by the Sydney Informatics Hub through the Core Research Facilities User Access Scheme.

SIH Publication Incentive

The continued acknowledgment of the use of SIH facilities ensures the sustainability of our services. If you have used any service provided by the Sydney Informatics Hub, be sure to acknowledge SIH in your publication and submit your publication to SIH to win up to $1000.

Learn more about the SIH publication incentive here.