What is Bioinformatics?

The central dogma of molecular biology - that is, how genetic information is used to create an individual organism - is key to understanding many aspects of life sciences including human and animal health, species evolution, diversity, agricultural improvement and conservation. Since the emergence of new high throughput technologies that have the ability to produce terabytes of data, scientists have had to come up with solutions on how to manage and analyse this wealth of data giving rise to the bioinformatics field.

How can we help?

The Sydney Informatics Hub provides a wide range of support and services in bioinformatics. We provide support and training for:

  • The proper and secure management of your data;
  • Data visualisation and quality control;
  • DNA and RNA sequencing analysis including alignment, variant calling, differential expression testing;
  • How to effectively utilise the University’s Artemis HPC and Research Data Storage systems;
  • Specialist software including the CLC Genomics Workbench, Ingenuity Pathway Analysis and Ingenuity Variant Analysis.
  • We are also happy to provide consulting services and advise you on the experimental design of your research project.

How do I get assistance?

Fill in the assistance form. We will be in touch to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your project.