Data Science Expertise

The Sydney Informatics Hub (SIH) provides expertise and support in data science via a team of dedicated data science research engineers. The data science team is able to connect the best data science methods with your research problem.

What can the data science team offer researchers?

  • Access to skills in data science and opportunities to collaborate with leading experts in machine learning and statistics.
  • Essential data science services to enable delivery of data, models, algorithms and visualisations to projects. Services offered range from data collection advice to more complex services including predictive model building and development of data analysis systems.
  • Assistance with scoping and estimating data science work for inclusion in grant proposals.

How do I get assistance?

Fill in the assistance form. We will be in touch to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your project.

Data Science Software

SIH have developed open source data science software. SIH also support open source data science platforms.


The Sydney Informatics Hub sponsors development of the popular Scikit-learn machine learning library and related tools within the Scientific Python framework. This helps give back to open-source projects that we rely on, while maintaining expertise within the team.

Bayes Spec

An implementation of methods for spectral analysis using the Bayesian framework in the statistical programming language R. It includes functions for modelling spectrum as well as appropriate plotting and output estimates. There is segmentation capability with RJ MCMC (Reversible Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo). The package takes these methods predominantly from the 2012 paper “AdaptSPEC: Adaptive Spectral Estimation for Nonstationary Time Series”.