Statistical Consulting


Provide statistical advice to:

  • Higher Degree by Research students
  • Academics and other researchers in the University

Advice will mostly be on a one-to-one basis rather than some form of teaching.

The Service is not able to help with Honours projects or coursework.

What does advice cost?

Advice is free to HDR students. If demand becomes too great then some form of rationing system may be needed in the future.

In principle, other University researchers may be able to access this service. They will have to pay for advice, however, at a rate less than the full commercial rate. This is negotiable and will depend on the nature of the work and other factors.

When should I seek advice?

It is best to start seeking advice in the planning stage of a project, that is, before you have collected any data.

Otherwise, at any stage it can be useful. Situations that might be triggers for seeking advice include:

  • You feel sure there must be something better than what you are doing with your data but do not know what it is;
  • You suspect you may be using methods which are not appropriate to the data you have;
  • A referee has found fault with the statistics in your paper or grant application;
  • You do not understand the results you are getting or the methods you think you ought to be using;
  • You intend to apply for a research grant and want to cost the statistical analysis that will be needed.

Please remember too that “statistics” is about more than just numbers: data comes in many forms and there are many ways in which statistical methods can help.

What do I do to get help?

Fill in the assistance form. We will be in touch to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your project.

If you are a student, your supervisor needs to be aware of the consultation. Supervisors are always welcome to come along too.