Course Materials

Course materials for SIH supported training

Course Slides Materials
Introduction to High Performance Computing Course page
Introduction to Data Transfer Queue and RDS Course page Course slides
Intermediate HPC and Automation Course page
Artemis+MDCS: HPC jobs in MATLAB Course slides Course Content
Introduction to GPU computing on HPC Course pages Course Content
Introduction to RNA-Seq on Galaxy Course slides
Introduction to DNA-Seq on Galaxy Course Content
Intermediate RNA-Seq on Artemis HPC and R Course slides
Introduction to CLC Genomics on Artemis Course Content
Introduction to Single Cell RNA-Seq (10X Genomics) Course slides
Intro to DNA-Seq on Artemis HPC Course Content
Machine Learning in Python Course slides Course Content
Machine Learning in R Course slides Course Content

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Course materials for SIH Partner Training

Partner Course Material
Pawsey Container workflows at Pawsey Course Content
BPA - COMBINE RNASeq analysis in R Course Content