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University-Wide Code Repository (Github Enterprise) Case Study by DXC

University-Wide Code Repository (Github Enterprise) Case Study by DXC

DXC, the technology partner that collaborated with the University of Sydney to deliver the University-Wide Code Repository (Github Enterprise), have published a case study, describing the challenges, solution and results for the project.

The case study is available from https://www.dxc.technology/au/success_stories/144155-university_of_sydney_adopts_a_university_wide_code_repository.

The video for the case study is available here:


Sydney is the first university in Australia to offer staff and students access to GitHub Enterprise, a code development and management system that allows collaborators to work together to develop, test and distribute code.

The platform is operated by Sydney Informatics Hub and is part of the unprecedented 2016-20 Strategic Plan investment in Core Research Facilities. It will offer researchers the best tools to manage their code, track issues and perform continuous integration in order to develop high quality software.