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Hacky Hour comes to Westmead

Hacky Hour comes to Westmead

Sydney Hacky Hour held its second ever session, at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research, as part of a day of training and events tailored to members and partners of WIMR and the Westmead Research Hub. Our “Westmead Bonanza” included Hacky Hour, SIH’s Intro to DNA/RNA Sequencing workshop, and an Experimental and Survey Design workshop run jointly by statistical consultant Chris Howden and the Research Data Management team.

Happily, Hacky Hour was once again a success, with researchers bringing a range of questions from command line automation, to statistical analysis, skin cancer genetics and visualisations of phylogenetic trees. The DNA/RNA and Experimental Design courses were both booked out, and have since become part of our regular course offerings.

DNA/RNA Sequencing Workshop DNA/RNA Sequencing Workshop

Hacky Hour and all SIH trainings aim to reach all University members – if you’d like to host a Hacky Hour at your end of campus, or have a training course scheduled for Camden or Cumberland or Lismore, let us know!

See you at the next Hacky Hour, hosted by ICT Techlab!