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Pawsey returns to Sydney

Pawsey returns to Sydney

The Sydney Informatics Hub was pleased to host trainers from the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in W.A. once again this past week, following on the heels of their last visit in September 2017.

Pawsey’s expert trainers covered a range of topics focussed on getting researchers familiar with their supercomputing resources. A highight was the demonstration of the Nimbus research cloud – a cloud computing platform available to any Australian researcher, running a neat and friendly OpenStack portal. Check it out!

If you missed out on the course, you can still find some of their training materials here, as well as their Using Nimbus tutorial.

Of course, Pawsey’s main platform, the petaflop Magnus supercomputer, is also accessible to University researchers through several access schemes including the NCMAS national grant scheme.

As always, if you have questions about accessing supercomputing resources, either on the University of Sydney’s own recently-upgraded Artemis cluster or other national resources like those at NCI or Pawsey, give us a howl at sih.training@sydney.edu.au.